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A digital garden is a digital space full of interconnected ideas and information that you collect, curate, tend to, and learn from over time.


I’m treating my blog as a digital garden. This means more incomplete tutorials at initial publish. It will focus on JavaScript for the browser and Node. I’ll also be publishing cheatsheet, similar to React+TypeScript Cheatsheets.

Open Source

The code of this blog is Open Source. However, I encourage you to be creative and create your own blog. 😅


In the spirit of a privacy-friendly site, I’m using Simple Analytics. Which means that I don’t use cookies or collect any personal data on you.

I’ve also made my analytics open by default, you can find them in the Open Blog section.


I’ve also started a newsletter. I am personally not a big fan of emails so I promise to only send emails when I have exciting things to share with you. Sing up here.

I’m super excited to start publishing. Keep an eye out for the next tutorial! Until next time, friend!

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