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What are webmentions?

  • Webmention is an open standard for a reaction to something on the web.
    • W3C standard - full recommendation in Jan 2017
    • IndieWeb
      • Group of hipsters with websites trying to take down THE MAN (aka the corporate web)
  • When you link to a website, you can send it a Webmention to notify it.
  • Somewhat of a “Ping” or ”@”

The new workflow

  • I write a pretty cool post on
  • I post a link to the post on Twitter
  • Someone RT’s, Likes or Comments on Twitter.
  • Social media activity shows up on my blog post.
  • I’m effectively just outsourcing my comments to Twitter now. 😅
  • Inspired by:

How to get started

  • Chris Biscardi’s source plugin to pull data from’s API
  • takes care of the nitty gritty of accepting & storing WebMentions.
  • crawls social media activity into WebMentions. Send that data using a Webhook to
    • Bridgy looks at the post linked in my tweet, loads the link tag pointing it to, and sends a WebMention to
  • Pull the data into my Gatsby blog.
    • My site rebuilds pulling data from

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