The purpose of this blog

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This website has a single purpose:

To document my learnings and in the process help you become a better developer.

I enjoy the process of writing, digging into the problem by explaining it to myself first, then bringing the solutions on paper in concrete yet simple words. This place will be the culmination of that process.

What you can expect from my writing:

  • Practical - pragmatic, real-world solutions: hacks and all.
  • Detailed - provide the missing context and explain every step. No jargon.
  • Ultra-specific - tutorials for mastering the JavaScript ecosystem.

True, this first post does not count as a tutorial. This is the blog's doctrine.

What this site doesn't have:

  • No advertisements
  • No social media
  • No analytics
  • No paywall
  • No bullshit

I'm excited to start publishing. Keep an eye out for the first tutorial!

Until next time.

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