A traveler on a path to mastery

  • To enjoy the plateau is to live in the moment.
  • Pick a master who celebrates a pursuit of maximum performance but also pays attention to slow beginners.
  • Practice is not something you do. Practice is the path which upon you travel.
  • The master of any field is generally the master of practice.
  • Surrendering is key to mastery.
  • Periodic rigorous examination is necessary.
  • The condition of equilibrium, this resistance to change is called homeostasis. It does not recognized change for the better or change for the worsts.
  • Indecision leads to inaction, which leads to low energy, depression, despair.
  • Liberation comes from acceptance that you can do anything, but not everything.
  • Consistency of practice is the mark of the master.
  • Vowed to treat my entire life, to the best of my ability, as a process of mastery.