Here’s the short version of how I got started.

I started learning to program in 2014 because I wanted to build a company. So for the next year, I worked my butt off learning enough skills to launch a prototype. It worked.

But the company failed.

But from that experience, I learned that I wanted to have a long-lasting career in this industry. And for that to happen, I had to take a different approach in my learning strategy.

So, I stopped focusing on learning “just enough” to build a prototype. And instead, I focus on learning the fundamentals.


I stopped focusing on trying to learn the new shiny framework from that month. Instead, I focus on learning deeply.

My goal was no longer moving quickly, but depth and mastery. Getting to the why not just the how.

Making that simple but hard mental shift changed everything.

But of course, there are real challenges to become good at something and making a living out of it.

If you, like me are on a the path to becoming a proficient software engineer. I can help!

How I can help you.

If you said yes to any these, I can help you.

  1. First. I know a lot about the web since I’ve worked on in for a couple of years now. I’m more than happy to share battle-tested techniques I use with you.

  2. Second. I’m practical. I only teach techniques and fundamentals based on mastery.If you’re worried about keeping up, stay along with me and I’ll help filter the important stuff from the fluff.

  3. Third. I write pretty good tutorials that are concise and clear. I explain all fundamental concepts and jargons you need to know. I’ll help you bridge the beginner-advanced gap so you level up enough to explore the advanced zone without feeling lost and intimidated.

What my writing covers

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