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Full Stack Development in the Era of Serverless Computing by Nader Dabit

  • Nader Dabit

  • This talk introduces a workflow that allows front end developers to build full-stack applications using JavaScript by taking advantage of managed services, implementing real-world features like authentication, managed GraphQL APIs, serverless Lambda functions, & chatbots using a CLI based workflow.


  • Take advantage of abstractions.
    • Old Frontend abstractions: HTML, CSS, JQuery
    • New frontend abstraction: HTML, CSS, JS, Frameworks, Webpack, Client Caching, PWA…
      • Complexity is due to high quality out of top companies, multiple targets, increased user expectations, more powerful devices.

What’s next?

  • Initially cloud infrastructure. Now serverless. What’s next?
  • Cloud Computing Simplified - A Berkeley View on Serverless Computing
    • Summary:
      • More BAAS storage services (MongoDB)
      • Serverless becomes simpler (Zeit, Netlify)
      • Serverless becomes cheaper then serverful
      • Serverful becoming relatively less important
      • Serverless computing becomes the default computing paradigm of the cloud era`

How To be “More Serverless”

  • Intentional use of managed services
  • Use Serverless functions to fill in gaps
  • Use Custom client SDK’s for API interactions
  • Use GraphQL as the main data source
  • Use service-full service
    • No server operations, essentially codeless, assume responsibility
    • Example: Cloudinary, Auth0, Algolia, Netlify, Amplify
  • Use GraphQL
    • Data graph is a menu due to microservices
    • Front and backend sync
    • Asking for the data that you need


  • Agility is a key market differentiator
  • Code is a liability
  • Front-end skillset increasingly valuable
  • A deliberate focus on not reinventing the wheel


  • Frontend developers move faster = increased developer velocity and efficiency
  • Decreased complexity
  • More secure, reliable, scalable



The future:

  • Lines blurred between the front end and full-stack, everyone is full-stack serverless in the future
  • Front end skillset increasingly valuable
  • Serverless becomes default computing paradigm
  • Teams organized by feature vs platform, stack


  • Increased risk when service is not available
  • Working on the bleeding edge
  • Vendor lock-in

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